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Are You Monitoring your Online Reputation?

Restaurant and Hotel Online Reputation Management

Can you remember the last time you researched a buying decision on the Internet? There is a good chance you spent at least a few minutes researching prices online to make sure you were going to take advantage of the best deal. If you were researching a particular product, you may have read reviews written by consumers who had already purchased that item to get their opinion and see if they were satisfied with the purchase. Has one of these reviews ever influenced your decision?

Over the past few years, the hospitality industry has become one of the most heavily reviewed industries on the Internet. User generated content and social media has literally shifted the perception of hotels and restaurants into the hands of the consumer. In another post I refer to a study released at the latest World Travel Market conference which reported that Social Media and Online Reviews influence more than $10 Billion per year within the travel industry. Most of these dollars can be allocated within the hospitality industry in the form of hotels, resorts and restaurants. In fact, I’ve talked to several owners and operators who could cite more than one recent example of a customer who called to cancel their reservation because of a negative review they had just read online.

Too Few Are Influencing Too Many!

Most of us would agree that consumer opinions can be beneficial to everyone. The problem with the current situation is that we have a very small number of people whose opinions are influencing a very large number of people. If you take a look at the reviews for one of your favorite restaurants or hotels on Google, Trip Advisor, Travel Post, City Search, or any other major online resource, you will see just how few people are actually posting reviews. It is precisely this fact that led to the development of our Online Reputation Management and Optimization program. We get more of your customers to write reviews, which puts a more accurate sample of your company’s customer satisfaction in front of potential customers.

Contact us to schedule a free demo of our Reputation Optimization program. We can show you within ten minutes how and why this program will grow the number of reviews you are currently receiving, and how it can have positive impact on your Online Visibility, rankings, and revenue.