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10 Fundamentals to Optimize Your Google Places Listing

There have been some dramatic changes to the way Google evaluates and processes Google Places listings. Here are ten fundamentals to get the most out of your Google Places optimization. Follow these principles and you can be confident that your listing won’t get flagged during the review process.

1. Create ONE listing, using your actual physical mailing address. This one sounds like a no-brainer, but I have worked with hotels that created four Google Local listings with subtle changes to the physical address hoping to gain multiple rankings within the old Google Local results. That never worked, by the way.

2. Use a phone number that can receive public inquiries. Putting your GM’s dial-in-direct line may seem like a good idea at the time, but you’ll have to verify the listing all over again when you’re ready to change it.

3. Be specific about your location – include the actual names of arenas, conventions, street names, etc.

4. Be specific about your company – include terms like luxury suites, beachfront, spa, upscale restaurant, etc. Include area terms and your property type in your company’s description.

5. Choose multiple relevant categories, and be sure to fill out all applicable fields including hours of operation, accepted payment methods, etc.

6. Post an event using the new “Google Places Post Event” feature.

7. Add a coupon for a special offer or promotion.

8. Upload your best images, and add links to your YouTube videos.

9. Provide your primary website address, do not use landing pages.

10. Do your homework! You can now respond to reviews on your Google Places page! Write personalized responses, and promote your social profiles wherever appropriate.