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Getting Started with Facebook Pages

Business owners across the world have embraced Facebook – a recent AT&T survey revealed 41% of small businesses in the US have a Facebook Page, an increase of 51% over 2010(1). Some of these businesses have been using Facebook for a couple of years – back when Facebook offered “Groups” as an alternative to personal profiles. The information in this post will explain how to create a Facebook Page for business. If you already have a Facebook page for your business, this post will also help you identify whether you have the right kind of page to take advantage of the benefits Facebook can provide to businesses.

Start with a Facebook Profile

The first step is to create a Facebook Profile which is meant for an individual person. Facebook guidelines state that this profile should be you – and that no individual should have more than one Profile. That being said, many people have chosen to use “Manager [ one word from business name ]” for their First and Last Name when creating a Profile for their business. You can create your Facebook profile in less than 15 minutes directly from the Facebook home page. If you’ve never used Facebook, you may be surprised at how intuitive Facebook is – once you enter your past school history, and your correct date of birth, Facebook will research other Profiles and suggest possible “Facebook Friends” who may have gone to school with you!

Create a Page

Once you have completed the required elements for creating a Profile, it’s time to create your business Page. Visit and then select the appropriate type of business or organization. If your business has a physical location visited by customers or clients, select “Local Business or Place”. You will then enter the business type, address, and contact information for your business. After entering your business information your page is created!
Facebook Pages - Getting Started
Next you will want to invite your friends using the “Suggest to Friends” button at the top of the page and begin building a following for your business Page. If you’ve been using a Profile for your business, make sure you update all of your links (email signature, website pages, etc.) to point to your new business Page. You may need to use the “Suggest to Friends” feature more than once to get your friends to migrate to your new business Page – don’t be afraid to post to your Profile a couple of times a week notifying everyone to go “Like” your new Page.

Congratulations! Now you are ready to leverage Facebook for Business.