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Where Are My Facebook Page Check-Ins

This is a very common question from our new clients, and we are happy to report that it has a very practical solution which can be completed in five to ten minutes.

Here is the scenario: You have created a Facebook Page for your restaurant, hotel, or local business and your page shows a small number of Check-Ins. When you open your Facebook App and Check-In to your establishment, you are surprised by two things:
1) The Facebook App on your mobile device shows more Check-Ins than your Facebook Page shows on the Facebook website; and
2) Your Check-In does not appear on your Facebook Page on the Facebook website

If you thought “there must be two Pages for my business” you are correct. In most cases, this happens because of the existence of a “Places Page” for your business. At some point in time, a Places Page was added to Facebook when someone tried to Check-In to your establishment before you created your Business Page. As I mentioned earlier, Facebook has created a nice and reliable automated process for correcting this – allowing you to merge the two pages and adding all “Likes” and Check-Ins to your official Facebook Business Page. The process is completed by “Claiming” your Places page by entering a four-digit PIN which Facebook will provide through an automated phone call – then you will be able to Merge the two pages which happens remarkably fast.

How do I merge my Facebook Places page with my official Facebook Business Page?

Login to Facebook using an account which is an Admin for your official Business Page. Search for your business by typing in the name of your business. Or if you can remember, type the name as it appears when you attempt to Check-In using the Facebook App on your mobile device. One of the options within the suggested results or within the search results will be the Places page for your business. Navigate to the page and in the left column you will see a text link that reads “Is this your business?” Once you click this page, you will be asked to confirm that you are an Authorized representative of the company (shown in image below).

How to Merge Facebook Place and Page

Once you check the box and click “Continue” you will be shown the business phone number Facebook has on file for your business. If you have an automated system which answers all calls, you have the option of providing an extension for Facebook to use to reach you directly. Initiate the call and make note of the four digit PIN then enter it in the space provided to claim your page. After the PIN is entered successfully, a dialog box opens asking you if you’d like to MERGE this Places page with any of your existing Pages. Simply select the official Facebook Page for your business and then follow the prompts and you’re done!

Within seconds, your official Page will show all Check-Ins and “Likes” from the Places page and you can begin capturing all of the mobile Check-Ins going forward. At this time, you should also create a Facebook Deal if you haven’t already done so. They’re a great way to build Loyalty and remember – when a user Checks In to your Facebook Page it is broadcast to all their friends which puts your business name and Page in front of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of Facebook users.


  1. Liz says:
    Tuesday, May 17, 2011 at 8:44am

    Great post. How do you merge a place and a page if you follow the ‘verification via email’ process? I’ve claimed a place and received email confirmation from FB but there’s no option to merge on the left hand side.

    Also, I’ve created two pages almost exactly the same and one is created as a Place and one as a Page. Bizarre!

    • Ambassador says:
      Tuesday, May 17, 2011 at 10:48pm

      Hi Liz, Facebook has a very high level of interest in location based marketing and check-in functionality, and they are working on the Places/Pages products to try to accommodate the needs of the marketplace as well as participating businesses. Look in the left hand column on each of your pages for a link to “Merge with existing Page” – if you don’t see this link on any of the pages, I recommend sending a request to Facebook or deleting one of them. The decision to delete certainly depends on how much history & interaction you would be losing, but I would definitely recommend only one page and the implementation of Facebook Deals. Feel free to post the links if you would like and we’ll take a look. Thanks for visiting and posting on our blog!