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25 Nov

Are You Monitoring your Online Reputation?

Online Reputation by ambassador

Restaurant and Hotel Online Reputation Management Can you remember the last time you researched a buying decision on the Internet? There is a good chance you spent at least a few minutes researching prices online to make sure you were going to take advantage of the best deal. If you were researching a particular product, [...]

12 Nov

Trip Advisor Rankings Critical to… Restaurants?

Online Reputation by ambassador

Boasting more than 40 million unique monthly visitors per month, there is little doubt that Trip Advisor is one of the websites that Hospitality owners and operators need to be very familiar with. While most of us think “Hotel Reviews” when we hear the name Trip Advisor, they have quietly become a significant source of [...]

21 Sep

Study: The Traveler’s Road to Decision – Prepared by Google and OTX

Online Reputation by ambassador

This year, the study provides us with facts and numbers supporting what many of us thought about the state of the travel industry.  Business, personal, and leisure travel is improving,  online reviews are extremely influential, and the use of social media and mobile devices is increasing at a remarkable rate. Research Methodology: A total of [...]